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Sunday, May. 08, 2005 - 00:29

Holy Moses, what's goin' on?

Paso Robles, California

Well, my departure on Thursday morning went well. Accordingly to Elton John, my zero hour was 9 am, but try as I might, I wasn't high as a kite by then.

Nonetheless, I AM a rocketman of sorts, but more on that later. Maybe within here, maybe another.

The flight out was a peaceful sleep, after I made friends with the seeing-eye dog on the floor next to me. After touchdown in San Fransisco, my father and I met up with his parents, his sister, and her husband, Janice and Bill, in San Jose.

After having lunch at a small mexican place named "Maria's", we drove down here, to Paso Robles. Another 3 hour nap, somehow I achieved a nice shade of pink in the car.

Checking in to the Hampton Inn, it was almost time for the big rendezvous. Thursday night saw a reuniting of my sister, Dawn, (the bride), my father's parents, Noel and Margie, his sister, Janice, and her husband, my uncle Bill. But there's more.

My father's other sister, Susie, and her husband Mark, and their youngest, my cousin Daniel. Their oldest, Brian, strolled in a few hours later with his girlfriend, Emily, followed by my mother appearing, who's been out here since last Sunday.

Her entourage arrived at the same time as my original troupe did, consisting of her (my mother's) sister, Gayle, and her husband, Neil. Additionally, my mother's parents, Art and Annie.

Thursday night we all went out to dinner, and I am ashamed to say that I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but our waitress, Helen, told me to come back Saturday night and we could go out for drinks. Somehow, I think I will be busy with my sister Dawn's wedding, but who knows. There's always a good reson for a vacation out here!!

Friday morning saw the arrival of my cousin Marcy (Janice's daughter), her husband, Chad, and their three children, Bryce, Tatum, and Noelle.

Friday afternoon was reserved for "pissing around". Some of us drove golfballs, and some other's went to an absolutely awesome place called San Simeon. I went there a few years ago, and didn't feel like making the trip. But I SERIOUSLY recommend checking out this state park that was the home of William Randolph Hearst

Friday night consisted of an absolutely WONDERFUL barbecue at my sister's soon-to-be in-laws house/winery. You can check out their business here, at Caparone Wines Like I said, a wonderful night catered by..(url to be filled later.

Sometime over the course of the evening, my Aunt gayle's daughter, Robin, showed up with her family, Jim, and their boys, Clint and Alex. Matt, Gayle's son, was also with them. As I opened my third beer, a soothing, calming grace overcame me. Care to take a wager what it was?

(House throws two points if you get it correct. If you do, and you scored house points earlier {too lazy to search for the entry right now} that will mean that you have a grand total of 4, count 'em 4, house points. I'll determine the worth of those points later.)

Arriving back at the hotel, I was planning on joining my cousin Marcy at the pool with two of her three, but it didn't quite work out that way.

Instead, Marcy, Bryce, Tate, and myself joined the bachelorette party. The penis cake was excellent, if I may say so, but the male blow up doll didn't do too much for me, to be honest.

Fast forward, Saturday afternoon. It's currently 1 pm, and it's time to go suit up for my sister's wedding to Marc Caparone, so believe it or not, this entry must be cut off with what's here.

I'll put more in later, I promise. I've been eating fiber, can you tell? I'm getting more regular again!!

So, dear reader, did you figure out why I am so absolutely FUCKING elated?

My entire family is here, in Paso Robles, for my sister's wedding. I'll do a roll call later, count how many people are here.

At any rate, you, dear reader, you have a good day. I'm going to watch my sister get married in paradise, Paso Robles, California.


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